The Spectrum Spine difference is in its design and development of spinal implants. We are passionate about overcoming the current shortfalls in technology in the Spinal Implant space. Our solutions are novel, and function to maintain the integrity of the patient's bone while restoring normal alignment and providing for neural decompression.

A proven spinal implant inventor, Jim Robinson, MD, MBA has performed over 5,000 spinal procedures, holds over 50 patents and has developed technology used by Medtronic, K2M, and other companies that have created tremendous value for patients, surgeon, Spine Implant companies and their investors.

When Jim suffered his own traumatic spinal injury, he and his family experienced what his patients’ families feel when confronted with painful spinal pathology, and the potential for long term pain and disability. His remarkable rapid recovery after minimally invasive spine surgery has further energized his drive to provide the best surgical solutions available for patients and surgeons.