As a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive surgeries, Spectrum Spine’s founder has been successfully inventing new innovative products for years. We now are bringing a mature large portfolio of highly differentiated technologies to market. This is likely the largest collection of valuable intellectual property and well developed products to ever be launched in a start-up in this space. Spectrum has already achieved 5 FDA clearances of device systems with more exciting devices in process.

Many of Dr. Robinson’s early ideas were acquired by Medtronic and other companies and marketed with great success, underscoring his talent and drive. Spectrum Spine is the result of his decision to produce the necessary tools for surgeons and patients, in spite of the spinal device industry’s resistance to replacing “top sellers” in favor of leading-edge solutions. Most smaller players in this space work under a physician relationship-based model rather than focus on better technology. That business model cannot scale, and therefore cannot build to a high valuation. Spectrum is poised to launch 7 new novel and superior device systems in a short period of time post funding with other projects in development.

Spectrum is currently offering equity  to qualified investors and funds. The raise will fund inventory to bring FDA cleared products to market, to continue the development of highly promising projects in progress, and to hire the necessary talent to make Spectrum quickly a significant player in the Spinal Implant Market.

The total initial raise is projected to be 6-8 million USD.

Interested parties may contact Dr. Robinson himself at: