For neurosurgeons who believe in minimally invasive surgery, Spectrum Spine offers spinal solutions that minimize soft tissue damage and give the body its best chance at recovery. Spectrum Spine’s first FDA Cleared product delivers on that mission with the Bridge™ tubular approach Laminoplasty system, designed to preserve nerve, vasculature and muscle tissue, reduce operative complications and restore pain-free function. This is the world's first and only minimally invasive platform for the Laminoplasty procedure, and promises to move Laminoplasty from the inpatient to the outpatient setting, with better pain and function outcomes, lower rate of infection and re-operation, and less narcotic usage.

Spectrum's first Expandable Interbody Cages to be FDA Cleared are the Spectrum Precise Expandable Direct Lateral (DLIF) Cage, and Minimally invasive Anterior Oblique Expandable Interbody Cage.

Dr. Robinson invented the first modern Spinous Process Stabilization System, which is Medtronic's Spire Plate. HIs new device, the Spectrum Aspire Spinous Process System is FDA cleared and ready for market. This is the perfection of its class.

Spectrum Bridge Laminoplasty System, and Spectrum Spinous Process Fixation/Fusion system, and the above expandable cages are market ready with issued patents and U.S. FDA Clearance.

Patented and fda cleared spectrum technologies


Modern spinous process fixation (fusion) systems grew from an invention of Dr. Robinson’s that evolved the original pedicle screw approach to a less invasive spinous process-based fixation that was faster, safer and easier. This invention launched an entirely new product category. Medtronic still markets Dr. Robinson's Spire Plate System. The Spectrum Aspire allows the surgeon to place an intervertebral cage between the spinous processes with an integrated post that receives bilateral stackable plates with polyaxial joints to mate optimally to the patient's own anatomy.

Spectrum Precise Direct Lateral and the Spectrum Anterior Oblique Minimally Invasive cages are patented and FDA Cleared in the U.S. These cages are lordotic, and go in place undersized, expand to restore height and lordosis, have large bone graft windows, and can be fully packed after expansion.

BRIDGE™ Laminoplasty System​

The existing laminoplasty procedure typically mandates a 3- to 4-day hospital stay, is incredibly painful, and strips all the muscle from the spine in a large region of the cervical spinal column. This muscle separation compromises blood and nerve supply to the muscle, compounding the initial injury of separating it from the bone. Only 3 of 4 laminoplasty patients who are employed prior to surgery are able to return to work after.

The Bridge system is the first minimally invasive system for laminoplasty that aims to reduce injury to muscle, nerve, and blood supply, thereby shortening patient’s recovery time and vastly improving overall recovery. By creating a minimally invasive path to facilitate repositioning of the vertebra and then using that same path for fixation in the relief position, the Bridge system will permit outpatient surgery and faster healing with less need for rehabilitation.​

PRECISE™ Expandable Cage Family

Spectrum Spine’s lordotic expandable interbody cages uniquely actuate to provide optimal restoration of height and alignment while protecting the delicate endplate bone from micro or macro fractures that plague interbody fusion procedures. These fractures lead to subsidence with loss of height and alignment that causes clinical failure with recurrent pain and nerve compression often resulting in re-operation. PRECISE products can create up to a 12° angle in the interbody space, which is critical to restoring lordosis, the normal spine curvature in the neck and lower back.

The PRECISE Transforamenal Interbody Expandable cage goes into the disc space in parallel and flat, with unexpanded heights as low as 6 mm. It then expands to 8 mm in the trailing end and achieves lordotic angulation up to 12 degrees! It can be fully packed with graft after expansion, and has an ample graft window for fusion. These attributes make it one of the very best offerings of its type.

PILLAR™ Vertebral Body Replacement System (VBR)

The PILLAR vertebral body replacement system is designed for trauma and spinal tumor cases necessitating whole bone replacement. It features a simple, rapid one-step insertion and expansion solution. In a revolution that both simplifies the procedure and improves surgeon control of the spine, the insertion handle also controls the expansion mechanism, providing surgeons better spine alignment with less force and with continuous tactile feedback. Variable angle endcaps, designed to minimize bone plate damage during placement, can be adjusted and locked in custom 2° increments during expansion. A large graft window that is unparalleled in the industry provides ease of graft placement and incredible cross sectional area and volume for fusion, which is necessary for long-term stability.

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