Dr. Jim Robinson

Founder & CTO

After 20+ years driving the evolution of minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Robinson observed the medical device industry’s bias shift from technology-based device development toward copycat devices, and valuing sales over innovation. Knowing his ideas could improve patient outcomes by further reducing the tissue damage that slows the body’s recovery process, he spent a sabbatical achieving his MBA and designing the products that he envisioned would overcome frustrations and failures of the available alternatives. The result of that time was a graduation at the top of his Emory MBA class, dozens of patents, and 7 new spinal surgical devices ready for market, or far along in the development and FDA processes. The time has now come for this mature and valuable, self-funded collection of device systems to be brought to market. We will also work closely with the highest caliber spinal surgeons to continue to innovate, and to remain at the pinnacle of technology development.

Jim is also active with non-profit groups and has donated much time within the U.S. and in other countries providing expert neurosurgical care to those in need. He is on the Board of Directors of HOI, Inc, an NGO active in Central America, and is an active leader in The Boy Scouts of America.